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TOPPERS - The Brainchild of Mr. Praveen Kumar , a Civil Engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur was started in the year 1990 with an urge to set standards of excellence and perfection. TOPPERS – spells hope, determination, success and joy to thousands of students aspiring to get into IIT's, Medical and other Engineering Colleges. We understand what it takes to create excellence.TOPPERS is known for innovative courses, cutting edge learningmodels, highly motivated and disciplined culture and modern 'corporatised' structure.
TOPPERS is driven by the passion for excellence. Popularity and demand for our programs has been increasing exponentially throughout the country.

Keeping pace with the new technology Toppers has joined the new education revolution that is set to sweep World. Apart from Face to Face Classroom courses Toppers has introduced Toppers online courses to provide Online Learning i.e. Online Live Classes, Online Learning Suite, and Online Tests. Toppers Provide high quality learning services helping Students, Institutes, Schools and different organizations to maximize their learning skill, productivity, proficiency and satisfaction. With strong focus on content, mobile learning, globalization and learning infrastructure services, Toppers is poised to provide end to end e-learning services. Toppers has Introduced India's first online Learning and Assessments for various Institutes, Boards and competitive entrance examinations.

The Learning Platform

Competitive Entrance Exams like the JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY are no easy walkovers. They call for re-orientation of your learning process, a well planned exercise of study, and a thorough sharpening of your problem solving and test taking skills through long and patient practice. Developed and refined over years, Our Learning resources for these exams are elaborate in theory and examples, and loaded with problems, assignments and tests. They are designed to take the diligent and ambitious student to a supreme state of competence and confidence to face these exams and win!

These exams tests intelligence, logic concepts and the confidence. But it is all about the act of manipulating the fundamentals. It manipulates them so intricately that only those aspirants with absolutely clear concepts can see through the trick. And that is the catch! but possessing this supreme insight necessitates experience, which no degree of preparation can provide. Toppers offers precisely this experience of manipulating the concepts with precision of surgeon and ferocity of a winner.

Students may choose and work out the problems in any order, but they have to make sure that no problem is omitted. After working out each problem successfully, recall how you arrived at the solution, and what principles and laws were involved in it. Do not refer to solutions without making a genuine attempt to answer the question. A little extra effort under the apt training of Toppers is all that is between "you" and Your "Ambition"!

Toppers prepares talented students for Competitive Examinations through positively oriented environment.

Toppers will be globally recognized as the prominent source of knowledge in the disciplines we educate.

  • Be Strategic
  • Research and measure to guide work and document results.

  • Be Innovative
  • Generate new ideas and relevant solutions.
    Be Positive
    Approach all endeavors with enthusiasm.

  • Be Collaborative
  • Embrace and act upon our collective genius.

  • Be Transformative
  • Create life-changing experiences.

From the Desk of Chairman “The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving”

To experience the satisfaction and enjoyment of success in life, a definitive goal is essential. Many people fail at this vital point. The goal must be definite and specific, not in any sense vague or fuzzy. And to prove attainable, its image needs to be sharpened and resharpened continually, so that it stands out vividly in your thoughts. You must know, at all times, precisely and for certain what it is you want to accomplish and achieve. Strong and organized purposefulness towards a definite objective will focus your powers into a strong motivation in attainment of your goal. Since the time we began, we have constantly strived for excellence.

Like for the many young minds we have shaped, it’s the winning spirit that has been of an essence. Even quintessential, if you look at it from our perspective. And winning is possible only when one has the power to perceive the need of the hour. Today we enjoy a track record of unparalleled results. And with the demand from students growing exponentially, it’s time for us to move closer to them. Needless to say, the endeavour to nurture and even further enrich the quality of education will be our constant feature. As for the rest, there will always be changes. undoubtedly, for the better.

Mr. Praveen Kumar B. Tech. (Civil) IIT Kharagpur,
Chairman and Managing Director
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